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New Director To Reform The Energy Safety Regulator

The Andrews Labor Government is continuing its ambitious reforms to strengthen the energy safety regulator with the appointment of a new executive leader for Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

Ten-Year Plan To Boost Recycling, Reduce Waste And Create Jobs

The Andrews Labor Government today released its circular economy strategy – Recycling Victoria – a 10-year plan that will completely overhaul Victoria’s recycling sector, create 3,900 jobs and reduce waste going to landfill.

Creating Jobs, Driving Investment And Reducing Waste

As part of its complete overhaul of Victoria’s recycling system, the Andrews Labor Government is delivering investment for the recycling industry, driving innovation, reducing waste and creating the next generation of jobs.

Transforming Recycling In Victoria

Victoria will have a container deposit scheme and households will get a new fourth bin, as part of a plan to reduce waste going to landfill by 80 per cent in ten years with a massive overhaul of the state’s waste and recycling system by the Andrews Labor Government.

Boosting Energy Safety For All Victorians

The Andrews Labor Government is improving energy safety for all Victorians and delivering on a key election commitment with electrical line workers to be protected by a new licensing scheme.

Victoria Acts To Secure A More Reliable Energy System

The Andrews Labor Government is taking action to enable urgent upgrades to the energy transmission network, introducing legislation that will fast-track priority projects like grid-scale batteries and transmission upgrades

Tackling E-Waste In A Safe And Sustainable Way

The Andrews Labor Government is strengthening Victoria’s collection, storage and reprocessing of electronic goods so valuable resources such as precious metals and plastics can be reused or made into new products.

Solar Boom In The Suburbs And The Regions

The Andrews Labor Government’s Solar Homes program is driving a clean energy revolution across our suburbs and the regions, with more than 71,700 successful applications from Victorians for rebated solar panels, solar batteries and solar hot water systems.

Key Intersection On Plenty Road Blitz Wraps Up Early

A major part of the Andrews Labor Government’s Plenty Road works have finished ahead of schedule, with traffic flowing smoothly through the reopened intersection at McDonalds and Gorge roads in South Morang.

Landfill Levy Waived For Bushfire Victims

As Victorians begin returning to their homes and land following the recent bushfires, the Andrews Labor Government will make sure people can dispose of their bushfire waste without paying the landfill levy

Supporting Our Bushfire Affected Wildlife

The Andrews Labor Government is providing immediate support for wildlife shelters and foster carers to help cover the costs of food, transport, medicine and enclosures as animals are rescued from bushfire affected areas.