Powering Victoria’s Clean Energy Workforce To Go Off-Grid

More Victorians are getting the skills they need to drive Victoria’s renewable energy future, with a new pilot program to train electricians on solar battery storage system installation and off-grid energy solutions, backed by the Andrews Labor Government.

Acting Minister for Training and Skills Steve Dimopoulos today announced the support for the project led by Future Energy Skills, a non-profit organisation to support the workforce and create training pathways to meet industry’s growing demand for skills, funded through the Labor Government’s Clean Economy Workforce Capacity Building Fund.

In collaboration with industry partners, Future Energy Skills will develop and deliver new courses in skills including designing battery storage systems, pilot training programs in stand-alone (off-grid) power systems, review and update several current training units.

The project will grow the training sector’s power system training capacity and boost accessibility to new energy technology qualifications. It will also bring Victorian new energy qualifications in line with Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditations.

Led by Future Energy Skills, the pilot program is supported by a steering committee that includes the Clean Energy Council, Energy Safe Victoria, training providers including Holmesglen Institute, and industry partners.

The Labor Government’s Clean Economy Workforce Development Strategy 2023-2033 outlines 10-year clean economy plan to create the training and skills opportunities for workers, businesses, and industry – providing a planning and investment framework to support the workforce and create training pathways to meet industry’s growing demand for skills.

Victoria’s transition to renewable energy is expected to create 10,000 jobs each year from now until 2030 and transform more than 500,000 existing jobs through new skills training. There are currently an estimated 253 CEC accredited standalone power system designers and installers in Victoria.

Building a strong energy workforce is critical in ensuring we meet our ambitious and achievable 95 per cent by 2035 renewable energy targets, which will create 59,000 jobs, including 6,000 apprentices and trainees.

The Labor Government is bringing back the State Electricity Commission (SEC) to help create these jobs, as well investing an initial $1 billion toward in new renewable energy and storage projects.

There is also $12 million to create an SEC Centre of Training Excellence, new renewable energy VET certificates and a Victorian Energy Jobs Plan to support building a strong pipeline of energy workers for the renewable energy industry, with this investment ensuring we can meet the energy workforce demand and respond to the opportunity created by Victoria’s renewable energy transition.

Quote attributable to Acting Minister for Training and Skills Steve Dimopoulos

“This investment will help get more Victorians into secure jobs in the clean economy and help more Victorian households to make the transition to renewable energy solutions no matter where they are in Victoria.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio

“Victoria’s renewable energy transition will create 59,000jobs by 2035, and it is vital that we create a strong pipeline of skilled workers to take advantage of the opportunity created in the renewable energy transition.”

Quote attributable to Future Energy Skills Executive Officer Mick Cullen

“This pilot program will provide more Victorians with the opportunity to have an appropriate battery storage system safely installed on their property, providing renewable energy to the home as we move towards the clean economy.”

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