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Creating Hundreds Of Jobs Working For Victoria

The Victorian Government is creating more jobs to keep our waterways clean and support fire affected regional communities during the coronavirus pandemic as part of the Working for Victoria initiative.

More Business Support Funds Flowing

Funds are flowing through to businesses in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria as we continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic, with grants of $5,000 for 24,000 eligible businesses – totalling $120 million – out the door.

Boosting Agriculture Supply Chains And Local Jobs

Farmers and producers across Victoria will get better access to markets and communities thanks to funding from the Victorian Government to improve the vital network of local roads and infrastructure.

Young Filmmakers To Cast Spotlight On Road Safety

Aspiring young filmmakers have the chance to bring their ideas to the screen in a short film featuring actor Firass Dirani as part of a Victorian Government and Transport Accident Commission competition to cast a spotlight on road safety.

Boosting Powerline Bushfire Safety

The Victorian Government is continuing to improve community resilience against bushfires through the Powerline Bushfire Safety Program - which is reducing the risk of fires started by high voltage electricity lines across the state by up to 60 per cent.

Stories From Coronavirus Survivors

Victorians are being reminded that coronavirus does not discriminate – and that even those who recover from the virus are left with long-term consequences, both physical and psychological.

Free Kinder For Families Through Coronavirus

All kinder in Victoria will be free for Term 3, and children will be supported to learn from home thanks to a relief package to support early childhood services through the pandemic from the Victorian Government.

Fast-Tracked Mental Health Support For Victorians In Need

Victoria’s mental health system will receive nearly $60 million in an additional boost to get more Victorians support when they need it – now and after the pandemic is over and its effects are still being felt – as we continue to work together to fight this deadly virus.