Supporting Victoria’s Jewish And Islamic Communities

The Allan Labor Government is investing in the safety of Victorian faith communities, with new support to combat antisemitism and Islamophobia to make sure communities feel safe, welcomed and celebrated.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ingrid Stitt and Minister for Education Ben Carroll have announced an investment of $8 million for Jewish and Islamic community groups across Victoria, supporting social cohesion and building community resilience.

Jewish and Islamic community organisations will each share in $3 million to combat discrimination, celebrate the strength of their communities and ensure they are equipped to support people during difficult times.

Support for the Jewish community will go to the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, Zionism Victoria and Community Security Group – trusted organisations that have strong links across Victoria’s Jewish communities and are well-placed to provide support.

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum will also receive $752,000 to deliver an advocacy program and update their existing awareness-raising programs focused on reducing antisemitism and vilification and educating the wider Victorian community on Jewish history.

To support the Islamic community, the Islamic Museum of Australia, Islamic Council of Victoria, Melbourne Grand Mosque and the Board of Imams Victoria will receive support to continue their critical outreach work with communities across the state.

The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights will also receive $380,000 to develop tools and resources to support the wellbeing of women and young people who have experienced vilification, and to deliver an online campaign to help Victorians understand and combat Islamophobia.

As well as support for community organisations, the Labor Government is making sure staff and students feel safe and respected at school – and a further $2 million will deliver improved security measures at Jewish and Islamic schools across Victoria.

Victoria’s 27 independent Jewish and Islamic schools will each see an investment of $20,000 for measures like security services, improved fencing, alarms and CCTV – and will also be able to claim costs incurred for additional security measures beyond what schools generally require.