Organisations On Notice To Join National Redress Scheme

Victorian organisations Who do not sign up to the National Redress Scheme will risk losing government funding, under tough new sanctions introduced by the Andrews Labor Government.

Despite a 30 June 2020 deadline for institutions to join the scheme, 49 non-government organisations operating in Victoria are still yet to sign up to the scheme – which provides redress for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

The Labor Government is warning organisations that a failure to take steps to join the scheme could jeopardise any state government funding they receive.

Approximately half of the non-participating institutions operating in the state receive some form of state government funding.

These institutions include non-government schools, community, youth and family services, religious entities and sport and recreation entities.

As at the end of January, 6,077 applications have been received by the scheme nationally and 1,367 applications have been finalised.

Nationally there are more than 500 applications on hold because the institution named in the application is not yet participating in the scheme – which is unacceptable.

Under the Commonwealth legislation, joining the scheme is voluntary. Institutions can only join if they can fulfil their obligations under the legislation, including the financial capacity to pay redress.

Under the scheme, eligible survivors of institutional child sexual abuse are able to seek a range of redress options including monetary payments of up to $150,000, access to counselling services, and a direct personal response—such as an apology—from the institutions responsible for the abuse.