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Disability And Death Benefits Made Available To Police

Victoria’s hardworking police, Protective Services Officers (PSOs) and their families will have better financial protection and peace of mind should anything tragic happen thanks to support from the Allan Labor Government.

Supporting Our Kids To Get Ready, Get Set, Get Active

The Allan Labor Government’s latest sporting grants program will bring more Victorians together through sport, encouraging young athletes to join their local sports club and discover the benefits of being active.

Supporting Young Women To Work In Trades And Tech

The Allan Labor Government is supporting the growth of women’s participation in trades and tech, encouraging teenagers to pursue dedicated education streams to build a career in the burgeoning sectors.

Industry Queues Up To Build Thousands Of New Homes

The Allan Labor Government’s bold housing reforms are igniting interest from industry partners looking to be part of Victoria’s nation-leading plans to build 800,000 new homes over the next decade.

Australia’s Biggest Ever Urban Renewal Project

The Andrews Labor Government will launch Australia’s biggest ever urban renewal project: retiring and redeveloping all of Melbourne’s 44 ageing high-rise public housing estates to provide the thriving communities and modern homes Victorians deserve.

Tram Timetable Changes To Boost Evening Travel

The Andrews Labor Government will introduce timetable changes next month to optimise the tram network and boost evening travel, so more Victorians can enjoy the city’s world-class nightlife and get home safely.