Solar Homes Program

Ministers statements: Solar Homes package

Ms D’AMBROSIO (Mill Park—Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Minister for Solar Homes) (12:27): I am absolutely pleased to update the house on the next phase of our landmark Solar Homes program. From 1 July the next phase of the rebates for solar panels, rebates for batteries and hot water systems and no-interest loans will kick off, and the Labor government is absolutely delighted—a $1.3 billion program that will see 770 000 Victorian households take advantage of solar power over the next decade, creating 5500 new jobs as we drive down energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. This morning I was absolutely delighted to have joined.

Ms D’AMBROSIO: As I was saying, I was absolutely delighted to have joined the Premier this morning and the member for Northcote at EnviroGroup. This is a fantastic business—15 years going and it is absolutely delighted and ecstatic about the next phase of this program. And why is that? Because it will create new jobs and put on more apprentices as we develop this sector. Over the coming financial year this program will deliver an extra 40 000 rooftop solar rebates on owner-occupier homes and deliver for the first time, I think, in the country 2000 rebates on rental properties so that renters—tenants—can now enjoy the benefits of this program. It will fund 6000 households to get solar hot water systems and deliver solar battery rebates for 1000 homes, and of course with the no-interest loans available to them.

We have actually also simplified the application process to give industry certainty with the release of rebates on a monthly basis and importantly delivered for Victorians a point of sale at the retailer end so that Victorians can get those rebates without actually having to apply. We promised to deliver this program—