Member’s Statement: Mill Park electorate schools

Ms D’AMBROSIO (Mill Park—Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Minister for Solar Homes) (Thursday, 18 June 2020 10:16): I rise to congratulate all the teachers and staff at schools across the Mill Park electorate for their wonderful work during the COVID-19 pandemic. During these very challenging times they all stepped up and ensured their students received the best possible learning opportunities while either homeschooling or being supervised at school for those who were not able to be homeschooled. Many parents have told me how much they better appreciate teachers after having had to supervise homeschooling for their children.

Now that they have returned to school, it has been a seamless transition back. Even when one school had a confirmed infected case, the professionalism with which it was handled was a testament to the principal’s care and compassion for her students and their families. I want to say ‘well done’ to everyone. I know our students are in excellent hands with all the teachers that we have.

Hansard link: Mill Park electorate schools