New Deer Control Strategy For Victoria

The Victorian Government is taking action to reduce the devastating environmental impacts of the state’s wild deer population while maintaining hunting opportunities by launching Victoria’s first ever deer management strategy.

The Victorian Deer Control Strategy is being kick-started with a $1 million investment to manage the growing problem of deer in the outer northern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The strategy sets out a long term coordinated plan to control wild deer numbers and reduce the threat they pose to the environment, farming, public safety and Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Studies show some deer species are increasing their geographic range, spreading to previously unoccupied areas in Victoria and encroaching on peri-urban areas of Melbourne.

An outer suburban management plan will be developed in partnership with local councils, Parks Victoria and Traditional Owners to identify effective measures to reduce the impacts of wild deer and make the roads safer.

Wild deer can cause significant damage to native plants, wildlife habitat and water quality, while also damaging areas and values of Aboriginal cultural significance.

They are also the cause of a rising number of traffic accidents and pose a serious risk to public safety.

The Government will invest in deer control in areas where it will deliver the greatest benefit to the environment and the community. The strategy will inform future regional deer control plans for other areas of the state.

The Victorian Deer Control Strategy is being delivered under the Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037 and is also a commitment under the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan, complimenting the Government’s expansion of the areas deer can be recreationally hunted and legislative changes allowing hunters to have wild deer butchered for personal use.

Development of the outer suburban plan will commence in the coming months. For more information on the strategy visit

Quotes attributable to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate ChangeLily D’Ambrosio

 “We’re taking action to control Victoria’s feral deer population and reduce the significant impacts they have on our native wildlife and biodiversity.”

“This strategy will address feral deer numbers in the outer suburbs of Melbourne to not only protect our environment but to increase public safety.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes

Under this new strategy, recreational hunters will have more opportunities to help with control programs on public land, continue to hunt in more areas and be able to source their own wild venison.”

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