Mernda Rail Extension Update

We have a big year ahead as construction of the Mernda
Rail Extension continues. In this update we take a look
at the next stage of work as we start to lay rail tracks
along the corridor.

Snapshot: December to February
Over the past few months we have:
• started construction of station and shared pedestrian underpass
structures at Marymede
• completed the first section of the track foundations
in the stabling yard at Mernda
• logged more than 1 million hours of labour
on the project as of the end of January
• started installing station canopy
structures at Mernda and
Hawkstowe stations
• started installation of the rail
signalling system
• started the second stage of the
excavation works and the bridge structure
for the Plenty Road rail underpass
• completed installing the concrete sections for the
rail overpasses at Hawkstowe and Mernda stations.

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Rail Extension Project, please visit

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