Here are a few things all of us can do to get through the heat, help each other out and save power:

1.It’s always useful to save power. But on days like today, it’s more than just useful – it helps the entire state. Try switching appliances off at the wall, or turning down the fridge a degree or two. And if you’re lucky enough to have a beer fridge, think about switching it off (just for today).

2. If you’ve got air con, try turning it to between 23 and 26 degrees, and only in the rooms you’re using.

3. Put off running your washing machine and dishwasher until later today when it cools down.

4. Stay hydrated. Keep a full drink bottle with you.

5. Avoid the heat. Visit the library, or go to the movies, or head to the local shopping centre.

6. Plan ahead so you’re not stuck outside during the hottest part of the day.

7. Check in on anyone who might be struggling with the heat. A neighbour who lives alone. An elderly relative. A friend who might be sick. Give them a call and make sure they’ve got everything they need.

8. Leave some shallow bowls of water out in shady areas for bird, bees and other wildlife.

9. Be kind and cut each other some slack. We’re all feeling the heat so a bit of patience goes a long way.

10. Never, ever leave kids or pets in hot cars.

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