The days of long waits on Childs Road and justified frustration for parents and guardians of St Francis of Assisi Primary School students are over, thanks to the swift intervention of Lily D’Ambrosio, Member of Parliament for Mill Park.

Mark Basile, principal of the Mill Park Catholic primary school, has been trying for more than 18 months now to persuade relevant authorities that a ‘Keep Clear’ marking outside the front entrance of the school was necessary to ensure the safety of students and their families.

Unsuccessful in his efforts, Mr Basile contacted Ms D’ Ambrosio’s office, who noted the principal’s concerns, and took swift action.

The good news was announced at the beginning of Term 4, bringing relief to many parents who use the front entrance of the school on a daily basis to drop off and pick up their children.

In addition to minimising waiting times endured by parents during school rush hours, the newly painted ‘Keep Clear’ marking on Childs Road has benefits for all motorists, creating safer driving conditions by easing congestion on the busy stretch, where Stables Shopping Centre is located.

“I’m pleased to have delivered the new ‘Keep Clear’ access point to St Francis of Assisi School in Mill Park. This will make it so much easier and safer to get in and out of the school grounds and onto busy Childs Road,” said Lily D’ Ambrosio during a recent visit to the school, where she met with the Principal, parents and students.

Mr Basile said, “I am very grateful to Lily for supporting us on this issue. I have been trying to have these markings painted on Childs Road at the front of the school for many months and only when I contacted Lily’s office did we have success. Since having ‘Keep Clear’ painted at the front exit of the school, we have seen a substantial improvement in the traffic flow on Childs Road at drop off and pick up times”.

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